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Flagler County

This fact sheet from Flagler Cares shows the suicide rates in Flagler county. In 2017, Flagler had over 30 suicides, most of which aged from 18-26. Flagler county's suicide rates have gone up each year.

What Can We Do Differently?

Start looking for the small changes in our loved ones, which include but are not limited to, separating from peers and activities, eating or sleeping too little or too much, and major mood swings.

We all need to be aware of what mental is and what we can do to make our own mental health better every day. Find ways that help you, individually, release stress and find a sense of calming. For some, it's yoga, writing, music, dancing. We each have our own ways of coping. Find yours.

Flagler County Resources

Flagler county Life Line: 800-539-4228.

Family Life Center: (386) 437-3505

Stewart-Marchman: (800) 539-4228.

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