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Presenting Thus Far

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Presenting to students has been an experience in itself. Being able to teach students the importance of their OWN mental health is something I have truly never seen before.

So far, I have presented to six different fifth and sixth grade classes and six different freshmen classes at my local schools. Each presentation has been a different experience. I've heard and learned different stories from so many intelligent students. Each student has taken a pre and post survey about their knowledge of mental health and how they deal with their OWN stress. What amazed me was the fact that most kids said that video games give them stress but also helps to relieve it.

Here I was doing the Glitter Activity with fellow elementary students. The elementary students absolutely loved being able to do this activity. It taught them more about the brain and what goes on when they get mad.

From here, I will now continue to present to the other local schools in my town.

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