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Things People Want You to Know About Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can be a very difficult thing for some and many still misunderstand what it can actually do to someone. Even having anxiety yourself can be confusing, so it is understandable why others may have misinterpretations on it. I asked people in my local community, who have anxiety, what they would want other people to know and these were their responses:

" I can function normally with it. Outwardly I appear put together, but inside my chest feels like it's going to explode" ~ A loving wife and mother

" When overwhelmed in crowds, I'm not ignoring people when they are talking to me. I'm maintaining my composure because it's overwhelming and I have to focus on one thing at a time." ~ An outgoing, loving woman

" It can be triggered over the simplest things."~ A hard working student

" When I say I need a few minutes alone, that means alone. Stop asking me if I'm okay or if I need anything because it only makes it worse." ~ An artistic, creative soul.

" Something as small as a smell or a look someone gives you can trigger it. Talking about it doesn't make it any better, it only makes it worse." ~ A strong, passionate female

" Some say I'm being irrational or ridiculous and need to live my life and not let things affect me. They say if something happens then it happens or there's nothing I can do about it. Now, that's true, but that doesn't change the way I feel about it" ~ A caring life changer

" Anxiety is real. There are times when I just feel closed in by everything around me, but there are other times where I feel like I have too much space and there's nobody close to me." ~ A spiritual individual

" It can happen anytime. What helps me control it is to point things out. For example, I say in my head, or out loud, wherever I'm at, I'll focus on a certain object, look at the details, and about talk them out loud. It helps me reassure myself and breathe. Also, I try not to put myself in a crazy situation where I know I will be overwhelmed. With big crowds, I stay quiet and listen to people, but focus on everyone around me. Sometimes it can be too much. Everyone's anxiety is different and they go about it differently as well." ~ A tenderhearted wife

" I constantly feel like I am being judged. Everything I do or say probably sounds dumb or ridiculous to everyone around me and all my friends really don't even like me, they just pretend that they do." ~ A humorous, compassionate friend

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